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nun mehrsprachig!

Ich wollte schon immer, dass dieser Blog zumindest in Englisch als Fremdsprache verfügbar ist.

Beim Stöbern im Netz fand ich einen anderen wordpress-Blog, der Mehrsprachigkeit bereits anbot – etwas Forschung und Ausprobieren waren nötig und nun geht’s hier auch!

Die Übersetzungen auf Basis des Google-Translators sind meines Erachtens sehr gut, auch wenn mancher Satz etwas holperig ist – der wesentliche Inhalt scheint mir OK zu sein.

  1. 9. März 2010 um 12:46

    Tell me please what kind of proceeded to install this widget to your Google Translator to your blog.
    Are the platform – can be installed and on this?
    I tried but could not and I think your blog is on not.
    Thanks in advance for your help!
    Best regards!

    • 9. März 2010 um 19:22

      Hi Cosmin,
      you are right, my site is based on, the free service.
      The implementation of my translation widget is simple:
      First I have built a number of links on my wordpress dashboard. Each link goes to one translation of my website (as you can see in the status bar of your browser when you move the mouse over the link). Each link has the category „languages“. Each link entry is named after the language and it has an additional link to the little flag which corresponds to the language in question. The flags are referenced from In addition each link has the tooltip text „start translator … not perfect but useful“ in the field „description“. I feel this text is important to avoid too high expectations in the quality of the translation.
      Finally I have placed a „Links“ widget on my sidebar which shows only links of the „languages“ category – thats it!

      I hope, I was able to help you – if not, let me know and I will try to help more.

      By the way – how did you find my website? I am online since very few weeks only and indeed I wonder how I can make people aware of my site. Obviously there are ways to find me, which I don’t know yet – please tell me!

      Best regards,

  2. 9. März 2010 um 23:40

    Honestly I went to your website accidentaldar am happy that I discovered your work. It is worthy of all praise. In order to promote your site you need to submit it to directories and the directories seo veb … For example I was passing here and a Romanian site on my blog seo you discover the right a lot of links to other web directories SEO which I previously subscribed. Another way to make known your work is to check with the Google Webmaster crawllere … This is the address that you check if your site has been indexed by Google. There is one way that I use and it works a specific link / banner exchange. If you look on the right side of my blog you will find links to blogs and blogrolls partner they seek banners of several partners. If you agree we can exchange links or the banners. May I tell you to go to this address to check your page rank and put on blog banner that you provide them. I want to thank you for the explanations that you’ve given to my website to arrange aibe Google Translator … if I can handle I will not bother you if you have nothing against that enlightens me. I’m sorry but my English is very broken English so they are forced to make use of a translator google.

    Best regards!
    Cosmin Stefanescu

  3. 18. März 2010 um 17:43

    Well, it’s hard to find now in what language should I respond – Deutsch, English or my own? 😉
    I started my blog when translation like yours was not available (or I hadn’t idea about its existing) and because Polish limits number of my readers to roughly 50 milions I decided to extend it by writing in both languages at once eg. „polska treść / english content“. I found you on wordpress forum and I think that’s good better way to let people click button right to their language even though there’s lots of laugh during reading.
    There’s only one „BUT“ – we’re gonna get lazy and stop improve own language skills excercised before over translation process…
    allright, thanx anyway,

    • 18. März 2010 um 21:08

      You’re welcome! I am still not fully convinced myself with this method. The quality of translation is not that which I want to see on my blog. But I do not have the time to write in two or more languages in parallel. In addition I am absolutely not the language crack to write in arabic, too, but on the other hand I want to provide arabic content for my friends from my travel to Oman. So – this method of translation is a perfect example of a compromise. And – perhaps, hopefully – the Google Translator becomes better as time goes by. Thanks for your feedback and best regards Jo

  4. 18. März 2010 um 21:35

    Sincerely appreciate your decision in defense of Google Translator. It is true that it is the best option but at this moment is unique. This is my way of communicating with you because my English language is very weak. I think I understand everything you write about what makes this to be a universal language translator on the Internet and world time. I expect you have time to visit my blog and comment. My Blog
    I’d comment a pleasure to visit, comment, vote on my blog poetry, prose, novel, SF, photos, etc..
    You want a great day.
    Best regards!
    Cosmin Stefanescu from Romania

    • 18. März 2010 um 22:17

      Hi Cosmin, I have visited your blog already, but without a translation its hard for me to understand… Obviously you didn’t implement a link to Google Translator yet, didn’t you? Regards, Jo

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